Since the sudden passing of my mom, Eileen Fehlen, I and the rest of my family have received literally thousands of messages, calls, notes and…the most prevalent of all…Facebook messages! We love Facebook.

Each message and memory posted has been special, but there was one that really captured the essence of my Mom. If you knew her then you’d probably agree with this list. If you didn’t then it’s a great glimpse of a great gal. The following was on Mom’s Facebook page from a wonderful woman named Molly Holknecht, who is a leader at Stanwood Foursquare Church.

Here it is:

• Everyone needs Jesus

• Pie and prayer restore body and soul

• When you see a need, find someone to meet that need

• Meatloaf can be edible

• It’s OK to come to worship with pink hair and a leather jacket

• When in doubt, call everyone “Honey”

• Expect the unexpected, then watch God work

• Hugs are always appropriate

• Love never fails

• Buy yourself a red, Mustang convertible for your birthday

• If you have leftovers and a package of noodles, you have dinner

• The garage is the perfect place to butcher a deer

• We were created in a garden, so plant, grow, harvest and eat

• The Good Samaritan is not a myth or theory, but something to be lived out


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing John – I did read that particular post on FB – it was good to read it again!

  2. And now, John, I entirely see where you “got it”…. you were so blessed.

  3. What she said is so practical. The love of God is wonderful beyond words and life with him IS practical! Thank you Eileen. I didn’t know her like many did, but loved her facebook comments and I’ve seen what she influenced. She was great here on earth and I am sure she is loving being with Jesus.

  4. Sharon H. added: “Eileen was the kind of woman that you didn’t mind straightening your bra straps.” It’s true… your Mom was salt of the earth… salt and light. A best friend… to EVERYBODY! We will all miss her terribly.

  5. The Lord directed me to Number 6 today, and I pray this for your family:

    “The Lord bless thee and keep thee.
    The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace.”

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