The Secular Church

Spend some time with this quote from Reggie McNeal.

As a Christian leader I find it to be upsetting.

But I also think it’s true.


Many Christian leaders are uncomfortable with genuine spiritual realities that involve the powerful and immediate presence of God. The truth is, many churches are more secular than the culture.  Everything that transpires in them can be explained away in terms of human talent and ingenuity. It could be a huge mistake on the church’s part to continue its pursuit of programs and methodological prowess (what ‘works’) when the world desperately seeks for God. Only when something goes on in church that can be explained as a God-thing will a spiritually-fascinated culture pause to take notice. Otherwise, those outside the church culture are not impressed with building programs and real estate acquisitions. What church culture people see as evidence of success matters little to pre-Christians.  Reggie McNeal in A Work of Heart


Please read it again.  Thoughts?