Spend some time with this quote from Reggie McNeal.

As a Christian leader I find it to be upsetting.

But I also think it’s true.


Many Christian leaders are uncomfortable with genuine spiritual realities that involve the powerful and immediate presence of God. The truth is, many churches are more secular than the culture.  Everything that transpires in them can be explained away in terms of human talent and ingenuity. It could be a huge mistake on the church’s part to continue its pursuit of programs and methodological prowess (what ‘works’) when the world desperately seeks for God. Only when something goes on in church that can be explained as a God-thing will a spiritually-fascinated culture pause to take notice. Otherwise, those outside the church culture are not impressed with building programs and real estate acquisitions. What church culture people see as evidence of success matters little to pre-Christians.  Reggie McNeal in A Work of Heart


Please read it again.  Thoughts?


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  1. Good to hear from you Garris. I respect how you have led in Medford. You have constantly sought the Presence of God and have led with such balance and passion. 

  2. “…demonstrate what authentic life in the Kingdom looks like.”  

    Amen.  That’s how Jesus functioned. He did only what he saw in the Father and he said only what the Father was saying. I want to live and speak Kingdom life with that kind of focus and integrity.

  3. Excellent quote, John.  Where the Church is growing on earth the unexplainable of God is taking place in their midst and the “programs” being invested in are the type that unless God shows up nothing will happen. The churches that value Presence above all else have a bright and promising future. Jonathan Martin’s piece is an interesting read along similar lines: http://pastorjonathanmartin.com/uncategorized/gender-race-and-pentecost-the-world-has-moved-on/

  4. I love Reggie McNeal.  His book “The Present Future” rocked me about 7 years ago and continues to help filter my thinking on “church” and our mission.  That’s a powerful quote John.  It has become cliche but the church has to get outside of the 4 walls of the building and bring the Kingdom to the culture.  We have to embrace culture. That doesn’t mean agree with sinful behavior, it simply means we have to engage them where they are at both spiritually and physically and demonstrate what authentic life in the Kingdom looks like.

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