…to boldy go where no one has gone before…”

Those are the words I heard last night around midnight at the Lancaster Cinemas during the premiere of the new Star Trek flick. 

Am I a “Trekkie?” Nah. Do I have pointy ears? Hope not. But I have grown up with James T. Kirk, Scottie, Spock and Bones and have come to love an entertaining episode or movie from the Starfleet of the USSEnterprise. Now, I’m talking about ‘ol school Star Trek…not that Next Generation junk. 

When I heard those famed words last night I was a bit moved. Not because they came from the mouth of the aging Leonard Nimoy, but because those words have always inspired me for ministry in the Kingdom of God. The final frontier is not some newly discovered galaxy or space-time continuum for me. The final frontier represents all the people that have yet to say YES to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There are many that have still not had their eternity secured. There are those that have no understanding of what Jesus did for them. There are many on our planet that still haven’t heard the truth of the Gospel. That’s why I keep doing what I’m doing. That’s why I want to plant churches and satellite campuses. That’s why I’m willing and ready to add more services to my already busy weekends. That’s why I want to disciple fully functioning God-followers that are a blessing within their sphere of influence. That’s why I keep going and going and going…boldy reaching and touching with the life and love of Jesus.

I want to always move forward with courage and conviction, always changing and always growing. There are new frontiers to be discovered and more to reach for the Lord. I can never be satisfied with where I have been. Grateful? Yes. Satisfied? Nope. Like the Apostle Paul, I want to “strain towards what is ahead, pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14). 

Are you boldly going? Are you looking for new frontiers of Kingdom ministry? I encourage you nurture a heart and vision for what opportunities are all around you – there is much to do for the Kingdom of God. Whether the stories of your voyages are ever told or not, be faithful to go where no one has gone before…in Jesus’ name!


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