Give some consideration to what Craig Groeschel, in his blog calls Signs of a Lukewarm Pastor:

A lukewarm pastor:

• Prays as much, or more, publicly than privately.

• Is almost exclusively dependent on others’ sermons to preach than directly hearing from God.

• Cares more about his church than The Church.

• Preaches about evangelism but doesn’t practice evangelism privately.

• Tolerates and rationalizes unconfessed sin.

• Preaches for the approval of people rather than the approval of God.

• Is overly sensitive to criticism.

• Harbors bitterness and unforgiveness.

• Reads the Bible to prepare sermons but not for personal devotion to God.

• Is jealous or critical of someone else that God is blessing.

What a list. Without question, there are a couple here that will convict even the best of Christians. Yet, it’s important for us as leaders to do inventories such as this in order to determine our “heat level”. Are we lukewarm? The Book of Revelation speaks to that quite clearly. We do not want God to spew us out!! Let’s work to be red hot in our relationship to Jesus and in our effectiveness in ministry.

Any thoughts? Feedback?



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  1. I would add another: Is more concerned with being right, than loving his neighbor.

    I see this in so many “pastors”. They are so wrapped up in having the answer to every theological question (which is important) BUT it is at the expense of true love and humility. There is nothing more that turns me off of a pastor than pride.

  2. “You never outgrow the basics” is what comes to mind after reading this. I think sometimes ministers can feel like “God is my job” much like some students in private schools can perhaps feel like “God is my homework.” It seems like the goal is to keep finding Jesus, daily.

    Not getting a “big head” is also important – I can’t stand it when ministers come across as attempting to make God look good. Or when a pastor, over a course of time, consistently says that everything is going incredibly well… I can’t help but think “Must be nice to live in that world, even though it’s imaginary!”

    Finally, in my heart, I know I never want to work myself into a place where I am talking ABOUT God and listening to people more than I am talking TO God, followed by listening TO HIM and responding in loving obedience.

  3. I agree totally with all of these points. I also believe that a pastor that is lukewarm creates a church that is lukewarm.

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