Taco Bell vs. The Humble Beagle?

Recently I took a quick (ok, not so quick) run to Eugene. Some fellow pastor friends were up from California and we decided to meet up at the Foursquare Church in Eugene for their midweek service. Pastor Wayne Corderio was in town speaking so we thought it would be fun to see Wayne and then grab a bite afterward. Hey, don’t mock us…it’s what pastors do for fun.

I drove through Albany around 6 pm and was starving so I did what any seemingly indestructible young man would do…I pulled over at Taco Bell. In exchange for just over five bucks the drive-through attendant gave me three of their finest burritos and a wad of napkins. I needed every one of those precious napkins for my “driving while eating” stunt on I-5 South. At one point I had a Double-Decker Taco Supreme in one hand, my cell phone in the other and my steering wheel was being operated by my knee. It was for only a brief moment, mind you, but it was ugly nonetheless. Sanity got the better part of me and I set the taco down and wrapped up my call. You can stop judging me now!!!!

I then arrived at the church with a stout stomach ache. Oddly, after the service we all went out for a bite to eat together. I prayerfully justified that the Taco Bell was a thin fabrication of actual food and therefore for me to really survive I would need something with higher levels of nutrition in my system. Enter stage right: The Humble Beagle.

The Humble Beagle is a small, locally owned and operated establishment that my buddy had read about online. It had only been open for a few months and had gotten great reviews already. It was late and thankfully it was open. What proceeded was a delightful evening of eating really fresh, locally grown, healthy food and extended conversations with the couple that owned the eatery. They were very pleasant – the kind of folks that I could see becoming really good friends with. The hummus/pita plate was great. The beer-battered organic vegetables were delicious. The blue-cheese burger was…wow. All the food was split and shared among us and we enjoyed a nice evening of conversation together.

Go ahead now and compare my two food stops last night.

And now, let me ask you…how do you like your spirituality?

Are you shoving it down while driving with your knee?

Is it organic or heavily processed?

Are you getting your spiritual feeding while on the run or are you sitting down and enjoying the journey with Jesus?


Questions I’m personally wrestling with. Perhaps you are too. That’s what the journey is all about – asking questions of our lives and seeking the Lord Jesus for direction. Let’s keep doing that together.



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