2013 is nearly upon us (I’m writing this post on December 31, 2012).


This is the time in which many people, myself included, give mental ascent to resolutions, life-change, habits and goals. It’s the perfect time for reflection AND anticipation.


Reflection of the past year.

Anticipation of the coming season.


As you ponder and plan will you remember one key thing?

Hear the word of the Lord for yourself.


This last weekend at West Salem Foursquare Church, our Executive Pastor Rich Marshall spoke about the word of the Lord. I listened attentively for 3 services (ok, I also was checking Instagram during the 9 am service…don’t judge!), and I was fairly certain that I had the whole “hearing the word of the Lord” thing down.  I’ve been serving Jesus for some time now, and I’ve been actively involved in pastoral ministry most of those years, so this stuff has been a part of my lifestyle. But, all too often, I pray and seek the Lord for direction for the work that I’ve been called to, and for the people that I serve. What has taken a back seat over the last few years is hearing the word of the Lord for…




God, what are you saying to me? 


This morning, after a long drive around my fair city, listening to my devotions over my car stereo, and spending some reflective time with Jesus, I heard the word of the Lord for…




Now, what about you?  What is God saying to you for this next year? Spend some time with him this week. He still speaks. Are you listening?


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