It’s been so unbelievably hot right lately. Seriously. I was not prepared for this.

Everything I do is laborious. Moving is difficult. Sleeping is fitful. My laptop is overheating. My perspiration is sweating. It’s pretty much bad. Today hit around 104 degrees…in the shade. I felt like a HotPocket in my truck. It served as a metallic sleeve wrapped around me as I drove around in one big microwave oven. The imagery could go on and on.

Bottom line: I am longing for January.

Ah, January. The month that gave us more snow than we had had in a long, long time. Those were the days.

Isn’t it interesting how we go from one extreme to another. Hot…cold…hot…cold.

I guess it’s better than being lukewarm. Scripture makes it clear that we should avoid lukewarmness (see Revelation 3:16).

Sadly, we crave the comfort of lukewarm living – like warm milk, it’s safe and calming.

But it’s not very exciting.

The days we are living in need people that will live extreme. Not lukewarm. Hot or cold.

What will you be?



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