God in a Nutshell

“The god who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth does not live in temples built by hands…” Acts. 17:24
Paul walked into a unique situation in Athens. Everything was foreign both to him, as well as to the people of that region. To them Paul’s teachings were new (17:19) and strange (17:20). Paul was brought before different groups and had to endeavor to impress them with wise words and lofty concepts – basically fodder for their debates.
The Athenians liked to get all their ducks in a row. That is the way ‘religion’ works – make sure every base is covered and every altar inscribed (17:23). Total Religion.
Paul identified this right away. Therefor his words to them are non-stereotypical, about life and movement and a God that cannot be contained.
The risk for me in this next season is to try to put a label on everything – to categorize each and every thing, ministry and event.
In a nutshell…to get God and his work…well…into a nutshell! But he does not contain himself in temples. He has determined where we, his people, should live (17:26) but refuses to be confined himself – that would be religion.
With God, we can know where we are but in that place be so free to ‘live, move and have our being (17:28).
My heart and prayer is that i would let you God be God. My human hands cannot really help you – you are fully capable on your own. So, in my efforts to wrap my self around new leadership challenges I must so completely rely upon you oh God – I am your offspring (17:28). You animate my life, giving it movement and purpose. Thank you Father.