How I Approach Church – Part 1

A couple days ago Denise and I took the kids to an indoor water park. Fun? Yes. Relaxing? Not on your life. Because I am a student of people, I had a blast just observing folks. I love watching how they interact, play, talk and fight. I especially enjoyed engaging in conversation with the young […]

Hard Bleachers and a Great God

I had a flashback last night. Sitting in the Walker Middle School gymnasium for my son’s band concert took me back many years. It was more than the locker room smell. It was more than the hard plastic bleachers. It was more than the cackling girls and “trying to be macho” boys running around. It […]

What God Uses To Grow Us

I sat down a couple days ago and mused on some of the key things that really cause us to grow in the Lord. There are obvious aspects such as our time in the Word, corporate worship, prayer, etc. Those ought to be givens. Right?  But then there are the “other things”. The tough things. […]

Essential Church

What do you think of Shaw’s comment? Is the church vital and essential? Is it the only movement on the earth that represents Jesus? Thoughts?

A Kid Named Mitch

I’ve heard it said so many times (and I’ve been one to say it from time to time as well):  “If this entire event was for just that one person, then it was totally worth it.”  Down deep though I have to admit that I haven’t always felt like that.  When a great deal of […]

Signs of a Lukewarm Pastor by Craig Groeschel

Give some consideration to what Craig Groeschel, in his blog calls Signs of a Lukewarm Pastor: A lukewarm pastor: • Prays as much, or more, publicly than privately. • Is almost exclusively dependent on others’ sermons to preach than directly hearing from God. • Cares more about his church than The Church. • Preaches about evangelism […]

DMB & Tribes

I remember the moment so clearly. Years ago I was sitting in a car with a buddy of mine from Canada. We had just come from lunch and he wanted to play me a song on his car CD player.  It felt like I was in the Brady Bunch…just listening to the newest tunes on […]