Hey Friends, Periodically I get a request from folks about “what I’m into right now.” Such […]
I am at my local Starbucks just about every day. I know, I know: I have a […]
A number of years ago, in my first pastorate, I remember the ongoing sense of confusion […]
The following blog post is about WATER BAPTISM. If you are interested in baptized at West […]
Today is what is known as “Good Friday.” It’s the day that commemorates the death of […]
Zig Ziglar once said, “I have such optimism, I’d go after Moby Dick and take the tarter […]
I should have did it. I can’t believe I said NO. When I was a senior […]
In my devotions I read Psalm 102. There was one particular verse that really jumped out […]
Do you remember those crazy kick-me signs. Perhaps you were the bully that  put them on […]
The following is a blog post from a good friend of mine, John Amstutz. He is […]
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