The Mystery of God’s Will

God’s will is such a mystery. Who can ever fully understand it? Who can truly wrap their arms (or minds) around the greatness of His will or see completely everything that is contained within His heart? In our humanness, we certainly can not. God is sovereign and we are not. God is all-knowing and we […]

Some Assembly Required

A couple days ago I did something that I “swore” I would never do again. My son Isaac turned 7 years old this week so Denise and I got him a portable basketball hoop as a gift. We got it on sale at Fred Meyer and then I put it in the back of my […]

Jesus & Liquid Love

Today I’m spending some time with my devotions (Bible, journal & reading plan) in a packed out FourBucks…um…I mean Starbucks. Many have come out from the drippy wet weather to warm themselves by the fires of a French Press and to drown themselves in Liquid Love. As I’ve been sitting here reading my Bible I’ve […]

Curiously Strong

I’m kind of a Altoids freak. You know: The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints. Since 1780 these little white explosions of freshness have been doing a good work on behalf of all humanity. Perhaps they have saved marriages from pesky morning breath. Undoubtedly conversations have been redeemed from chronic oral malodor. Certainly many a social […]

Spirit Formation

I wish I could show each of you the journals, napkins, and scraps of paper. Everything was memorialized in Mead notebooks and gathered in Peechee folders (you’d have to be born before 1985 to know what those are!). What was captured in print became a testimony to the grace of God and the power of […]

Evidence of the Kingdom

Today’s Scripture: Luke 17:20,21 – “The Kingdom of God doesn’t come with your careful observation or will people say, ‘Here it is’, or ‘There it is’, because the Kingdom of God is within you.” So often we try to get to the exact location of a particular event or experience. People make trips to Graceland […]

God in a Nutshell

SCRIPTURE: “The god who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth does not live in temples built by hands…” Acts. 17:24 OBSERVATION Paul walked into a unique situation in Athens. Everything was foreign both to him, as well as to the people of that region. To them Paul’s […]

Careful Investigation

“Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning…so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” Luke 1:3 Luke took from reports and eyewitness accounts in order to assemble his orderly document regarding the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It’s just like a doctor to document […]