for Weary Souls in Challenging Times

Attempting to summit Oregon’s third highest peak, along with three of my kids, was one of the most painful, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, and humbling things I have ever done. Sounds like life and leadership in these extremely challenging days, doesn’t it?

Are you getting weary and worn out? Are you feeling beat up and ready to quit? Are you looking for some encouragement for your soul? Take a journey with John Fehlen, and the prophet Elijah, in discovering a supernatural source of strength, as well as practical steps for whatever “climb” you may be facing.

The Way I See You

The Way I See You is a children’s book that I wrote primarily for my grandkids. It’s a simple book that expresses just how wonderful, special and loved they truly are. It is the way that I see them, and it is also the way that Jesus sees them.

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