In Acts 4 Barnabas comes upon the scene and is known as the “son of encouragement” (I guess there are worse titles to have).

His name denoted his nature.

His designation was his demeanor.

Throughout the Book of Acts we find multiple examples of Barnabas’ encouraging spirit. Often it involved a young, upstart named Saul. We know him now as Paul the Apostle, but I often wonder if Saul would have ever became Paul if it wasn’t for the encouragement of Barnabas and the interest that he took in the “long-shot” with the dicey reputation.

How many potential Paul’s are there within our sphere of influence that are trapped in the externals of Saul? Sauls have a history, are recognized as troublemakers, and are often misunderstood by the populace?

Who are the Sauls around you that you can be a Barnabas to?



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