My Mission

I desire to be a faithful & fruitful Christian man that is filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. With every amount of energy I desire to live as a vessel of honor unto the Lord, as a covering and helpmate to my wife, a blessing to my children, a ministry to my church and a resource to my community.

My Background

I grew up in a very devote Catholic family that included regular times at Mass, parochial schooling, and training as an altar boy. My parents were “saved” at a Catholic renewal service in the mid 70’s and found the climate of the Catholic Church to not line up with their newfound heart-felt experience. That led us to a new Foursquare Gospel Church in our small Wisconsin community. Soon after that I responded to an invitation for salvation given by Billy Graham on a televised crusade. From that point until Bible College I was deeply discipled by youth pastors and workers within the Foursquare Gospel Church. After high school I enrolled in LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles, CA (now Life Pacific University) and received a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

During my college years I got married and we had our first of now four children. Two weeks after arriving in downtown Los Angeles I became the volunteer junior high youth pastor at Culver City Foursquare Church.A year later I became the youth pastor at LaVerne Foursquare Church and serve for a number of years in both part time and full time positions. I was the Student Body President at LIFE Bible College during my junior year and worked full-time in the campus library. In addition, I worked for a year as the Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator for our National Youth Ministries Office.

After the completion my college studies, Denise and I accepted a youth pastorate a Foursquare Church in Stanwood, Washington. For 5 years we served in this capacity until being asked to assume the role of Senior Pastor of the same church. For 10 years we served as the senior pastors of Stanwood Foursquare – a church of over 500 people with a wonderful staff. During my time in Stanwood, I completed my Master’s Degree from Vanguard University in Leadership and Spirituality.

What’s Up Now?

Denise and I now serve as the Lead Pastors of West Salem Foursquare Church in Salem, Oregon. We have been in this role for over 15 years. Together we have four grown children, their respective spouses, and four grandchildren! Currently I am pursuing my Doctorate from Portland Seminary in Leadership with a Global Perspective.

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