What’s Up Oregon?

The Fehlens are moving to Oregon.  Talk to me.  What’s up?  What MUST we do in Oregon?  What are the hotspots?  The sites?  The barely known good-eats?  The undiscovered stuff that must be experienced?  Tell us?  We’re listening.


  1. Ray Shelly says:

    You know, John, the farther inland you go the less the tides affect the rivers! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    We miss you guys!

  2. Joan English says:

    This is so cool! Oregon is truly the very best for out of door lovers.

    Sounds like you would really like to go kayaking! A thought, Willamette University has a crew team as does Oregon State. They will have the best information for you. Willamette actually offers crew classes on the Willamette.

    Otherwise, the Willamette is great for Kayaking. There is a club called the Chemeketans (spelling). They offer all sorts of outdoor group stuff. They may have a club.

    There is also whitewater rafting. There used to be a Santiam River Guide group. The Santiam river is awesome for that, if you like to kayake whitewater. Personnally, I would choose the Santiam or the McKensie for lots of calm water followed by level 2 or 3. There is a place on the Santiam called Packsaddle. It can be level 4.

    Then there is Pacific City. You can Kayake in the Ocean there. The Dory Fleet goes out from the beach there. Surfers gather there too. Huge sand dunes to climb. Pelican Pub is there. They make great hamburgers and….

    Back to the Willamette, my son Shawn knows the river really well. He has hunted ducks there for years. He would be glad to give you his view of the river.

    Lots more….bless you and I am so happy that you and your family are here. Joan

  3. Sara Labberton says:

    There are a handful of good restaurants in Salem. Willamette Noodle Company is my favorite (best mac & cheese anywhere!). Thai Beer in W Salem also has good food. Unfortunately, there are a number of not-so-good local places, so be careful!

    I love the Oregon Coast, rain or shine! Cannon Beach is my favorite place. You can find some fun places to stay on Craigslist or similar sites.

    We are so excited to have you in town 🙂

  4. Angie Wiltse says:

    My parents kayaked from the Riverfront park up to a park in Keizer. They really enjoyed themselves. Summer would be the only time I would try this though. After the spring run-off’s have finished from the mountains. The river is lower and slower then. I definitely wouldn’t try it the other three seasons of the year. Much, much too fast, and too many debris in the water that you can’t see.

    I’ve heard the McKenzie River is a great river to float down. It runs through Eugene, about an hour south of Salem.

  5. johnfehlen says:

    Excellent thoughts. I remember driving through eastern Oregon on our family trip back from Yellowstone. It was beautiful but my family slept most of the way. So…

    How ’bout kayaking the Willamette? I’ve been plotting out various trips by kayak. Is it OK if I just don’t fall in?!?

    Anyone got other “Best of Oregon” thoughts for me?

  6. Angie Wiltse says:

    #1 Know that Bend and surrounding area is NOT Eastern Oregon. It is in Central Oregon. There is a whole ‘nother half of Oregon beyond Bend that must be explored!

    #2 Take a vacation to Wallowa Lake, in North/Eastern Oregon. It’s called the Alps of Oregon. GOREGEOUS!

    #3 Review Oregon’s Drivers Manual for the little nuances that are the law in Oregon regarding driving. Ignorance is not an excuse (spoken like a true cop’s wife).

    #4 Check out our Goodwill’s. Great stores, and you find things at great prices on occasion. Because of Goodwill’s popularity among even middle-class and wealthier people, some things are overpriced. But finding that diamond in the rough is fun!

    #5 Don’t play in the Willamette! It’s not only polluted, and they pull dead people out of it monthly; but it is also dangerous because of it’s very fast under currents. I at least wouldn’t get water in my mouth or eat any fish caught from it!

    #6 Oregon is the most unchurched state in the US. I told this to a lady once who moved here from like Colorado. She said if she would have know that, she would have moved here much sooner! She then asked if and where I worked. At the time, I was the Angie of all Trades at WSFC. I told her (after her comment about not liking church people) that I worked at a church.The “foot in mouth” look on her face was priceless! I then told her what a great church WSFC is, and that she should come check it out. Haven’t seen her, though.

    #7 Enjoy!