There is a God-shaped void in the heart of every person and often we try to fill it with things that leave us dissatisfied, restless and empty. Join us at West Salem Foursquare Church to discover more about the only one that can fill that space. His name is Jesus. He died and rose again and his tomb is empty so that your heart doesn’t have to be.

Easter Weekend Service Times
SUNDAY, APRIL 12 @ 9AM, 11AM & 1PM
Sign Language interpretation provided at the Sunday 11AM service
www.wsfc.org // 503.391.4346


  1. Jim Giordano says:

    Pastor John,

    Someone left the following news item today on another blog I visit. Thought you might find it interesting.

    A report circulating through parts of the city this morning that the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified by the Romans just three days ago, was found empty has left people amazed and fearful. The Roman Procurator and the leading religious officials of the Holy Temple released a statement condemning this rumor and calling on the populace to stop spreading such stories. While the Temple spokesperson refused to confirm or deny the rumor, he did confirm that some members of the Temple guard were being disciplined for sleeping while on watch, although the spokesperson said this was a matter unrelated to the rumored empty tomb. A ranking member of the Sanhedrin, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to speak to the press, noted that if in fact the tomb was empty, it was likely that the body was stolen. This same member also called on the population of Jerusalem not to spread “baseless rumors,” and to remain calm in the light of potential action by the Roman garrison.

    Attempts to contact members of the Nazorean’s “inner circle” to clarify the situation were unsuccessful. There are reports the members have gone into hiding; however, some witnesses have reported seeing some of the members running to and from the tomb, appearing happy or dazed. Others have reported seeing the Nazorean alive in different parts of Jerusalem, although there are official reports that he died during crucifixion. At press time, one report reached Jerusalem that two of his followers met the Nazorean while traveling to Emmaus; however, this report cannot be confirmed and the witnesses are considered unreliable, due to their previous relationship with the Nazorean.

    Further details will be released as they become available.

  2. Vin Thomas says:

    When I get all your blogs via the church email, it makes subscribing to it a little pointless. C’mon Johnny Boy…Spice things up for us little folks who care about more than just your church-speak.